CCE 30 SD - Update

Product information "CCE 30 SD - Update"

Micro - SD card for the following unit types:

  • CCE 30 with the serial numbers: 30-10 (VA); 30-11 (VB); 30-12 (VC) 
  • CCE 1900 with serial numbers: 1900N or 1900VB

Currency combination: EUR-USD-GBP-CHF-CAD-SEK-NOK-DKK-AUD-JPY (currency status 01.08.2022)

  • Incl. new 100/200/2000 CHF banknote
  • Incl. new 50 GBP banknote

All CCE 30s have been supplied with the software to recognise the new 100.00 Euro and 200.00 Euro. 

Please note:

  • You only need one SD card to update all devices of this type.
  • Use on other devices that do not have this type identification may cause irreparable damage to the device.
  • SD cards, USB sticks and other storage media are generally excluded from return.


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