CCE 4150

Universal counter

The CCE 4150 can be used universally for many currencies. Two adjusting wheels can be used to set the diameters and thicknesses of the coins to be counted. It is also possible to sort coins, tokens and other similar tokens. Please note the requirements for the dimensions of the coins. Plastic tokens made of material that is too light may not be processed.

The advantages of the CCE 4150

Universally applicable for almost all currencies

Counts primarily sorted coins

Sorting 1 sort per run

Designed for medium coin quantities

Easy bagging of coins possible

Speed: up to 2,400 coins / minute


Banknote counter for sorted & mixed counting 

Standard currencies: EUR-USD-GBP-CHF; other currencies on request 

Automatic currency recognition based on the first banknote 

Mixed value counting with detailed report of Euro, USD and GBP banknotes 

Can be opened for cleaning and maintenance 

Security features: MT - MG - UV - IR - SD - Double-Size-CIS - TH 

Functions: ADD, Free-Batch, AUTO/MAN, Report, Print 

Update via SD card / USB stick 

Counting speed: 1000 / 1200 / 1500 notes/min.

Technical features

Dimensions: 335 x 220 x 310 mm

Weight: 8,0 kg 

Power consumption: max. 60 W 

Power supply: AC 230 V / 50 Hz

Certificates: CE, RoHS 

Warranty: 12 months 

If the "token" counting variant is also to be used, it is absolutely necessary to send us 20 tokens before ordering the device in order to check their usability.