CCE 60

Notice for the UV verification

Please note that checking banknotes solely on the basis of UV does not provide reliable protection against counterfeit money. Take a look at our CCE 10 / 20 / 30 series for reliable counterfeit detection.

Additional test functions

In addition to UV light, you can also switch to white light on the CCE 60. The 6W white light tube allows you to visualize the watermarks, see-through windows and the imprint on the silver strip. In addition, the CCE 60 also has a magnetic reading head that when wiped over with the correct locations of the banknote provides an acknowledgement tone when recognizing the MT and MG area. The built-in magnifier facilitates the evaluation of the security features.

The advantages of the CCE 60

Universally applicable for many currencies

Also for checking documents and IDs

Testing of three different safety features

2 x 6 W UV tube / 1 x 6 Watt WL tube / magnetic head

Small dimensions

Low investment costs


2 x 6 Watt UV tube 

1 x 4 Watt WL tube 

 Magnetic head for MT/MG testing 


Universal use for many currencies, documents and ID cards

Technical features

Dimensions: 268 x 144 x 147 mm 

Weight: 0,95 kg 

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz. 

Operating temperature: 0 - 45°C 

12 months warranty, no warranty on illuminant 

Certificates: CE

CashConcepts CCE 2051
UV tube 6 Watt for CCE 60

CashConcepts CCE 2054
WL tube 4 Watt for CCE 60