CCE 6000 Base

Easy to open

In addition to reliably processing mixed and sorted banknotes, the CCE 6000 Base banknote counting machine offers a simple and intuitive user interface. A lever allows the machine to be unlocked and opened without tools, providing access to all sensors for cleaning or removing foreign objects (such as coins) or jammed banknotes. This eliminates many maintenance and repair costs.

Multilingual menu

The CCE 6000 is supplied as standard with a multilingual menu that displays all messages, notes and settings in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian. This function facilitates the daily work enormously and with the other functions the CCE 6000 is suitable for almost all locations where a 1 pocket counter is to be used.

The advantages of the CCE 6000

Counting speed up to 1,500 notes / min.

ECB-approved counterfeit detection

Can be opened without tools for cleaning

Colour LCD display

Multilingual menu navigation

Professional mixed value counting


Banknote counter for sorted & mixed counting 

Standard currencies: EUR-USD-GBP-CHF; other currencies on request 

Multilingual menu

Automatic currency recognition based on the first banknote 

Mixed value counting with detailed report of Euro, USD and GBP banknotes 

Can be opened for cleaning and maintenance 

Security features: MT - MG - UV - IR - SD - Double-Size-CIS - TH 

Functions: ADD, Free-Batch, AUTO/MAN, Report, Print 

Update via SD card / USB stick 

Counting speed: 1000 / 1200 / 1500 notes/min.

Technical features

Dimensions: 263 x 268 x 255 mm 

Weight: 6.40 kg 

Power consumption: < 80 W 

Power supply: AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz. 

Certificates: CE, RoHS 

Warranty: 24 months 

Optionally also available with LAN connection (cannot be retrofitted !)

Compressed air spray 400 ml
Compressed air spray 400 ml / CFS + HCFC free - non inflammable !

Dust cover No. 3
Dust cover for banknote counter: CCE 3200, CCE 5000, CCE 5050, CCE 5060, CCE 6300, CCE 6500

External LCD display
External Display for banknote counter: CCE 315, CCE 340, CCE 342, CCE 3050, CCE 3060, CCE 3200, CCE 5000, CCE 5050, CCE 5060, CCE 6000, CCE 6300, CCE 6500

Cleaning cards for banknote counter
Cleaning cards for banknote counter

Content: 5 Stück (€3.78* / 1 Stück)

Thermo printer - CCE 2010
Especially for the following banknote counters CCE 180, CCE 342, CCE 3050, CCE 3060, CCE 3200, CCE 5000, CCE 5050, CCE 7700; Coin Counter CCE 4000, CCE 415