RMA guide

Dear business partners,

we ask you to observe the following sequence for returning devices for repairs to enable the RMA process quickly and efficiently.

Note: If you make returns that are returned without an RMA number on us, there may be delays in processing. Please note that a detailed description of the error, the search for the cause enormously facilitated and keeps the costs low for you. Therefore, please state in the error description the exact error (e.g. the error message on the display) and also whether the error generally or only under certain conditions occur (for example, failure to update or error occurs only after 2 hours of operation).

Operations of RMA process

  1. Please fill in the RMA form completely and send it. Only fully completed forms will enable us to process your request efficiently.
  2. The form will be sent to the registered email address.
  3. Print the form and attach it to the device and write the RMA number outside to the shipping box.
  4. The RMA number can be found both in the subject line and in the text of your confirmation mail.

Terms of RMA

  • Please don't stick on / write on or damage the original packaging of the product
  • Shipments for return (e.g. in case of wrong delivery) the return has to be done in undamaged original packaging. For damaged packages that we need to replace, as well as equipment checks caused by wrong packaging a flat rate of 15% of the goods net value is charged. Missing accessories will be charged at list price.
  • Please send in the devices for service only including the power supply, please do not send further accessories. In addition lost accessories, we do not take over any liability!
  • If we can’t reproduce the specified error after detailed tests, we will send the defective goods and a service charge of 20.00 Euro (counterfeit detectors) or 40.00 Euros (banknote and coin counter) excl. and VAT back.
  • In the case of repairs outside of the warranty period or in the case of external faults, an error diagnosis of 20.00 Euro (for counterfeit money testers) or 40.00 Euro (for banknote and coin counter) is invoiced. This will be charged with the repair time necessary for the re-installation, or with new purchase as a replacement for the defective device.
  • Please pay attention to a careful and shockproof packaging of the goods. We do not take over any liability for transport damage. For banknote counters without the original packaging, a special transport packaging will be charged by 5,00 Euros.
  • The issued RMA number is only valid for the return of one device and does not automatically to obtain a credit.
  • Please send the goods within 5 working days, freight prepaid and adequately insured to the following address: CCE - Cash Concepts Europe GmbH, TECHNICAL SERVICE, Kemptener Straße 99, 88131 Lindau, GERMANY