CCE service update

With the appearance of new banknotes it is necessary to update the devices to recognize and process these new banknotes. You can update almost all devices yourself via PC or storage media. For this purpose further accessories like calibration paper or update cable are necessary. At this point we would like to recommend you the update service via our partner company "synfis Service GmbH".

The advantages:
-   Installing the right software version - Avoiding errors in the selection
-   Calibration of the sensors - necessary for older instruments, recommended for newer instruments
-   Professional cleaning of the devices and sensors - increases the lifetime of the device and the reliability in money processing
-   No installation problems on Windows computers with permissions, appropriate drivers and changes in Device Manager / Control Panel
-   Replacement of wearing parts (rubber rollers, drive belts)
as required-   The costs for SD cards for updating and for additional accessories for updating are eliminated.

The costs:
-   Counterfeit money detectors and money scales: net 19,90 € plus VAT and shipping / Device
-   Normal money counter: net 80,00 € plus VAT and shipping / device
-   Professional money counters: net 118,90 € plus VAT and shipping / handling
-   2 Pocket money counters: net 148,00 € plus VAT and shipping / handling

The services:
-   Installation of the current software including new 100,00 € and 200,00 € banknote - please check the availability of the software on our website in the category Software 100 € / 200 € before shipping.-   Professional cleaning of the device
-   Calibration of sensors
-   Test run of the machine with all valid Euro notes
-   Optional: Replacement of wearing parts
Please send the devices for the update service including the support number and confirmation, which you will receive by email after sending the form, exclusively to:

NEW ADDRESS as of 01.06.2022:
synfis Service GmbH
CCE – Service Center
Gerberstr. 4
D - 30916 Isernhagen

Please note the correct and complete company name when completing the form. All invoices and delivery documents are created on the basis of your data. A later change of the documents - also of the invoice - is not possible. We thank you for your understanding.

Please note that repairs are generally billed to the companies that send in the device. It is not possible to bill repairs via any central offices and this has not been agreed with them. 

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