Banknote Counter

Welcome to our banknote counter product category - your solution for precise and efficient cash management:

Our banknote counters are specially designed to optimise your counting processes. Whether sorted or mixed banknotes, our state-of-the-art counters offer fast and accurate results. With convenient features such as sorting trays and optional ECB counterfeit detection or a wide range of currencies in one device, we offer customised solutions for your business. Rely on our proven quality and reliability to speed up your checkout process and minimise errors. Ensure maximum efficiency and precision with our banknote counters now. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help. Order today and experience the future of cash management!

Differentiation of the device categories:

  • Banknote counter for sorted banknotes: Our fast and accurate counters are ideal for sorted banknotes, for example when you take them out sorted and count them directly from the cash register. 

  • Banknote counters for mixed banknote denominations: Our intelligent counters easily handle mixed banknote denominations, so you can count larger amounts of money in a stack and end up with a listing of the total and a detailed breakdown by denomination and value. Count your cash in minimum time - for efficient cash handling. 

  • Banknote counting machines with sorting compartment: Simplify your workflows with our money counting machines that have a practical sorting compartment. Count and sort banknotes comfortably and time-saving and avoid interruptions of the counting process in case of counterfeit or unrecognised banknotes, these will be rejected into the sorting compartment without interrupting the counting process.

  • Cash counting machines for banknotes in bundles: These machines are especially suitable for large banks and cash disposers, as they only count banknotes that have already been checked and bundled to ensure that the banknote bundle is complete, without having to remove the band.