RMA Contact Form

Dear customers,

please note the following instructions when using the form below:

  • If you have any questions regarding returns that have already been sent in, please contact us by email at service@cce.gmbh or by phone +49 (0)8382 - 943 15 - 0, stating the RMA number.
  • Please assign a separate RMA number for each device you send to us to ensure proper processing.
  • Please submit the form at the bottom of the page and print the confirmation email and enclose it with the return.
  • In this confirmation mail you will receive the correct address where the device must be sent free of charge, this may differ from previous submissions depending on the device type !
  • Shipments without an RMA slip and an RMA number on the outside of the box, as well as equipment returned freight collect, will not be accepted.
  • Please note the correct and complete company name and address when entering. All invoices and delivery documents are created based on your data. A subsequent change of the documents - including the invoice - is not possible. We ask for your understanding.

Information for returned device

Please select the product group to which the device belongs*

Please only ship this unit well packed and on a pallet by forwarding agent to avoid transport damage due to the high own weight.

Reason for returning*

If the machine is found to be out of warranty or the fault is not covered by the warranty (such as dirt and/or foreign objects), a cost estimate will be automatically prepared for net 45.00 euros, these costs will be charged with the issuance of the repair order.If the repair approval is not granted, the cost of preparing the estimate must be paid in any case..

Please enter here an invoice amount up to which the repairs (plus shipping and VAT) are to be carried out without a cost estimate. If the amount is expected to be exceeded, you will receive a cost estimate for the expected total amount. The costs for the preparation of the cost estimate are net: 45.00 Euro and will be charged when the repair order is placed. If the repair approval is not given, the costs for the preparation of the cost estimate must be paid in any case.

Please enter the previous RMA number with which the device was sent for repair.

Please clarify the return conditions with our sales department before returning the equipment. Devices that are sent in for return without prior agreement and approval will not be credited and must be collected again at your own expense.

Invoice address

Contact Person

Shipping address

Contact Person

After sending the RMA registration you will receive a confirmation email with the correct address. Please use only the return address provided in the email to avoid unnecessary shipping costs. Depending on the device type, this address may differ from previous returns!