CCE 10

The basic device

The CCE 10 is the basic device of the electronic counterfeit detectors. Easy to use, fast in processing and reliable in detecting genuine and counterfeit banknotes, it offers the user a quick evaluation of the checked banknotes by means of a large and bright green/red LED circle. In case of suspicious banknotes, the device additionally warns via a signal tone before accepting the banknote.

Reliable sensor technology

The CCE 10 checks the banknotes for authenticity via the extensive sensors and therefore, in comparison to UV lamps and other aids such as the chemical test pen, offers the user reliable detection of the banknotes without interpretation by the cashier. The CCE 10 has passed the ECB counterfeit test 100%. The optimized design allows the device to be opened without tools to clean the sensors and maintain an optimal result over time.

The advantages of the CCE 10

Optional operation with battery

Small dimensions

Test speed: 0.5 seconds / note

ECB tested counterfeit detection

4 sides Euro notes insertion

Updateable via SD card


Electronic counterfeit detector for up to 3 currencies. 

Standard currencies: EUR-CHF-GBP (as of 04/2022)

Security features: MT-MG-IR-SD-TH-WM-CS

Display: LED circle green (real notes), red (suspicious notes) and acoustic alarm 

Input direction Euro: all four longitudinal directions

Output direction: optional front or back side

 Speed: < 0.5 seconds / test process

Technical features

Dimensions: 133 x 114 x 63 mm

Weight: approx. 0.45 kg 

Power consumption: approx. 10 W 

Power connection: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz - DC 12V/1A 

EU/UK power adapter included 

Certificates: CE, RoHS 

Warranty: 24 months

Accessory Items

Cleaning cards for counterfeit detectors
Cleaning cards for counterfeit detectors

Content: 5 Stück (€3.18* / 1 Stück)

12 Volt car adapter with cable for CCE 112 series + CCE 1800 Neo
12 Volt car adapter with cable for CCE 10, 20, 30 and older series

Accumulator for CCE 10/20, 112 series / 1600 / 1700 / 1800 NEO
Accumulator for CCE 10/20, 112 series / 1600 / 1700 / 1800 NEO