CCE 810 (5 pens)

The classic test pen

The testing method of our CCE 810 - the classic Euro Quick Tester - has been known for centuries and is based on testing the paper quality. With today's banknotes, this simple tool can be used to make an equally simple statement: line black - banknote wrong. As required by the ECB, our test pen leaves no residue on genuine banknotes compared to some copies. Please note that checking banknotes solely on a paper basis does not provide reliable protection against counterfeit money. Take a look at our CCE 10 / 20 / 30 series for reliable counterfeit detection.

CCE 810 Counterfeit check pen usage

The advantages of the CCE 810

Simple and fast to use

Mobile use possible almost everywhere

Low space requirement

Applicable for many currencies

Low investment costs

5 pens on one blister


Chemical test pen for paper testing 

Works on almost all cotton-based banknotes, not on polymer currencies (e.g. Australia) 

Easy to use: make a mark on the banknote, if it turns dark brown to black, the note is wrong. 

No residues on banknotes according to ECB specification 

Results in seconds 

Approx. 6,000 applications per pen

Technical features

Pens per blister: 5 pens on one blister

Dimensions: 16 x 133 x 12 mm 

Weight: 0,01 kg

No warranty, as ink is consumable