Space saving mounting

In addition to the functionality, the main focus in the development of this device was the small size as well as the simple, flexible and space-saving installation. On the top of the device is an adhesive strip with which the device can be attached as shown under the cash register screen or a counter without blocking a space in the POS area.

Sensor activation

Both inspection methods are activated by sensors when the user holds the banknotes in front of the respective inspection area. As long as the sensors are covered, the LEDs remain activated, thus enabling thorough checking even for ID cards or other documents with corresponding security elements.

The advantages of the CCE 40

Power saving mode through sensor activation

Space-saving mounting options

Long life LEDs

UV and white light testing

Power supply via USB

Registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office as DBGM


Fully automatic switch-on and switch-off process by sensor control, separate for UV & WL 

Mounting under the monitor or counter at the POS by means of enclosed adhesive tape 

No additional space required 

LEDs for both UV and white light testing 

Smallest dimensions approx. 16 x 3 x 2,5 cm 

Power supply via USB (1m cable included), connection to computer/monitor 

Optionally available with USB power supply unit 

One-hand operation 

Long lifetime due to use of LEDs 

Can be used for almost all currencies worldwide 

Inexpensive to purchase and maintain

Technical features

Dimensions: 160 x 33 x 26 mm 

Weight: 0.085 kg 

Power connection: USB 5V / 900 mA max. 4.500 mW 

Operating temperature: 0 - 45°C 

12 months warranty, no warranty on illuminant 

Certificates: CE, Registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office as DBGM