CCE 70

Professional document verification

The CCE 70 is a very professional tool for authenticating counterfeit banknotes and security documents. The documents and banknotes can either be inserted into the device or viewed in detail via the hand-held scanner. The different modes can be selected via the buttons on the device. Almost all security features of banknotes, cheques, coupons, ID cards, passports and other important documents can be checked with this currency detector.

Test methods

Both in hand scanner mode, which shows an optical enlargement of the checked area on the display, and in standby mode, the various security features can be selected and displayed individually. 

Note for use in counterfeit detection: 

Please note that checking banknotes solely on a UV and IR basis does not provide reliable protection against counterfeit money. Find out more about our electronic counterfeit detectors CCE 10 / 20 / 30 for reliable counterfeit detection.

The advantages of the CCE 70

Selection of the individual security features

Enlargement of the inspection areas by hand scanner

Compact test station

Universally applicable for currencies & documents

Testing of UV/IR/WM/WL/MG/MT

Large tiltable & rotatable display


Display can be tilted by 90° and rotated by 180° 

Detection: 850 IR(LED), 940 IR(LED), UV (LED), MG head 

Microscope display mode:
Move the supplied hand-held scanner over the note or document and view optically magnified details (see pictures second page). You can switch between normal view, UV and IR at the touch of a button on the scanner. 

Display mode Screen:
Insert the note or document into the machine and view it in its entirety on the display. Use the buttons on the machine to switch the display to UV, infrared (IR), watermark (WM) or white light (WL). 

You can also manually check for the presence of magnetic information. 

Compact and lightweight design 

Range of application: banknotes, cheques, bills of exchange, invoices, certificates, passport, cash all over the world

Technical features

Dimensions: 263 x 185 x 202 mm 

Weight: approx. 1,5 kg 

Power consumption: approx. < 20 W 

Power connection: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz - DC 12V/1A 

EU plug-in power supply included 

Warranty: 12 months